My Passion and Love for Antiques has me feeling full filled these days!

I have only had my shop open for a month and 8 days and I feel so happy and pleased with all the wonderful Antiques and vintage goodies that surround me everyday when I go to open the store.
I wondered how would I ever be able to sell the antiques that I long to have in my life. I find that I am so happy to have them even if for a short time til they go home with someone else it's a great feeling and it's OK to let them go cause I will find more and enjoy them too.
I love to walk into my shop the warm feeling is amazing and the people that share my passion for antiques are so warm and fun. I just don't want to do anything else well except come home to my home that is filled with some of the wonderful antiques that I have chosen to have with me until I can part with them too one day. I am living my dream to own and sell antiques and to be involved with some of the most amazing people in the world.
Here is a few pic's of the shop today we have grown so much! I can't wait for warm weather when I can really get out there and Go Junkin!!!
This is all my area the wall has Antique restored paintings by General Arts store in Frostburg MD.
Love this chippy white metal basket full of garden stuff!
Old window made into a shelf and fun signs from a business that was once here in Cumberland.
I love old wood boxes and rusty vintage finds they are hot sellers too.
Don't you just love these sweet vintage garden chairs. They only lasted a few days at the shop.
Our Vendors Tami and Rick they have some beautiful Estate sale Furniture French Provencial bedroom set and a charming french blue dinning room set and lots of wonderful antiques more pic's in my next post.
Thank you so much for stopping by please take a moment to leave me a comment hope to see you again soon!



Oh Sue, thank-you for the tour! You really have pulled it all together! Everything is set up so well and it looks enticing! Kudos to you for doing all this and living your dream!

Farah Muzaffar

Great Sue... it looks so professionally, you did a great job for your dream... the trip to your place is really something pleasant... Wish you all the best for all your dreams...
I would love if you please peek a little at
Sure you will find a crafty project of your choice from my library…

~Tablescapes By Diane~

Hi lovely lady... Beautiful job Sue and it looks like all your dreams are coming True for you.... I would love to see Everything in your shop. You know sweet lady the Tray with the Humming Bird Is for me right.!!!!

Tess Maxey

Its looking great Sue. I love to wander through places just like this!!

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