Today I want to share the story of true friendship..
A friendship that developed from sharing something as simple as our decoration passion it started out on the web site HGTV Rate My Space..
A bunch of ladies that wanted to share their rooms in their homes and their gardens that they did all by themselves. 
We were looking for advice and another person's input on our decoration ideas. Through those postings and comments wonderful friendships evolved some of us moved over to Facebook and our friendships grew more... 
Then one by one we started blogs to share our passions for decorating, treasure hunting, crafting, table scaping and gardening.
We have never met but share such a closeness and true friendship it is amazing!
One of my dear friends Liz Infuse with Liz blog  from the HGTV days shared our friendship and blogs on her own blog today.
Please take a moment to go over and check it out
and thank you for visiting today.
Hope you have a wonderful week!


Lizabeth @ Infuse With Liz

Thank-you Sue, that was beautifully put! It's wonderful how much talent there is out there and how kind everyone is.

Sweet Melanie

We have all been so very blessed to have found eachother on HGTV's Rate My Space...who woulda thunk it?


It's been a wonderful thing we share and bonded over!

~Tablescapes By Diane~

Hi sweet lady.
You are more then a friend to me !! You are the daughter I NEVER had. By the way thanks so much for starring me out with a blog!! It will be two years this coming September with my Tablescapes.
XXOO Diane
I did go over to HGTV and look at some of my comments from all of you !! So long a goooo!!

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